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<s><s><s><s><s><s>Rap Discography: Black Rob

<s><s><s><s><s><s>Record Label: Bad Boy Entertainment (Artist)

<s><s><s><s><s><s>From: Harlem, New York



Life Story
Released: Mach 7, 2000 on Bad Boy Entertainment

1.) Mrs. Barry (Intro)
Produced by Black Rob, Harve "Joe Hooker" Pierre, and P. Pablo
2.) Life Story (featuring Cheryl Pepsi Riley and Racquel)
Produced by J. Garfield and Nashiem Myrick
3.) Whoa! (featuring Harve "Joe Hooker" Pierre)
Produced by Buckwild
4.) Drive By (Interlude)
Produced by Black Rob and Ron "AMEN-RA" Lawrence
5.) Lookin' At Us (featuring Cee-Lo)
Produced by Nashiem Myrick
6.) Down The Line Joint (featuring G-Dep, Mark Curry, Mase, and Puff Daddy)
Produced by Yogi "Sugar Bear" Graham
7.) Espacio (featuring G-Dep and Lil Kim)
Produced by Mario "Yellow Man" Winans and P. Diddy
8.) You Don't Know Me (featuring Joe Hooker)
Produced by David Abrahams, Harve "Joe Hooker" Pierre, and P. Diddy
9.) Can I Live (featuring The Lox)
Produced by Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie
10.) Championship (Interlude)
Produced by Black Rob and Harve "Joe Hooker" Pierre
11.) PD World Tour (featuring Puff Daddy)
Produced by Charlemagne and Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie
12.) Muscle Game (featuring Mario Winans and Mark Curry)
Produced by Mario "Yellow Man" Winans
13.) Cop Skit (Interlude)
Produced by Black Rob and Harve "Joe Hooker" Pierre
14.) B.R. (featuring G-Dep)
Produced by Black Rob and Deric "D-Dot" Angeletiie
15.) Thug Story
Produced by Harve "Joe Hooker" Pierre and P. Diddy
16.) Jasmine (featuring Carl Thomas)
Produced by Carlos "Six July" Broady, Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie, and Nashiem Myrick
17.) Mad Rapper (Interlude)
Produced by Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie
18.) I Love You Baby (featuring Puff Daddy)
Produced by J. Garfield, Ron "AMEN-RA" Lawrence, and P. Diddy
19.) Spanish Fly (featuring Jennifer Lopez)
Produced by Yogi "Sugar Bear" Graham
20.) Rise Up (Interlude)
Produced by Shak Bak
21.) I Dare You (featuring Joe Hooker)
Produced by Richard "Younglord" Frierson

The Black Rob Report
Released: October 18, 2005 on Bad Boy Entertainment

1.) Courtroom Intro
Produced by n/a
2.) They Heard I Got Life
Produced by Tony Dofat
3.) Watch Your Movements (featuring Akon)
Produced by Tony Dofat
4.) Star In Da Hood
Produced by The Buchanans
5.) She's A Pro (featuring Mr. Porter)
Produced by Denaun Porter
6.) Where Da Bypass At? (Interlude, featuring Craig Mack, D-Dot, and Petey Pablo)
Produced by n/a
7.) B.R. (featuring Cheri Dennis)
Produced by Coptic
8.) Ready
Produced by Scram Jones
9.) B.L.A.C.K.
Produced by D-Dot
10.) Lights Out (Interlude)
Produced by n/a
11.) When You come Home (featuring Rhea)
Produced by Buckwild
12.) You Know What (featuring Minister Louis Farrakhan)
Produced by Tru Master
13.) Y'all Know Who Killed Him (featuring Notorious B.I.G.)
Produced by D-Dot
14.) Back To Live Action (Interlude)
Produced by n/a
15.) Fire In Da Hole (featuring Ness)
Produced by D-Dot and Tony Dofat
16.) Smile In Ya Face
Produced by Buckwild
17.) Warrior (featuring Cali Ranks)
Produced by Tony Dofat
18.) Team (featuring Aasim, AKA, Babs, Ness, and Young City)
Produced by Tony Dofat
19.) Help Me Out
Produced by D-Dot
20.) Courtroom (skit)
Produced by n/a
21.) Long Live B.R.
Produced by Nashiem "Hard White" Myrick
22.) The Verdict
Produced by n/a