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<s><s><s><s><s><s>Rap Discography: Canibus

<s><s><s><s><s><s>Record Label: Mic Club Records (Artist)

<s><s><s><s><s><s>From: Bronx, New York / Washington D.C. / Canada



Released: September 8, 1998 on Universal Records

1.) Intro
Produced by Canibus, Jerry Wonder, and Wyclef Jean
2.) Patriots (featuring Free and Pras)
Produced by Canibus, Cyrus, Danny, and Jerry Wonder
3.) Get Retarded
Produced by Canibus and Salaam Remi
4.) Niggonometry
Produced by Canibus and L.G.
5.) Second Round K.O. (featuring Mike Tyson)
Produced by Canibus, Jerry Wonder, and Wyclef Jean
6.) What's Going On
Produced by Canibus, Jerry Wonder, and L.G.
7.) I Honor U (featuring MB^2)
Produced by Canibus, Jerry Wonder, and Wyclef Jean
8.) Hype-Nitis (featuring Jenny Fujita)
Produced by Canibus, Jerry Wonder, and Joe Servilus
9.) How We Roll (featuring Panama P.I.)
Produced by DJ Clark Kent
10.) Channel Zero
Produced by Canibus and DJ Clark Kent
11.) Let's Ride (featuring Pras, Product, and Wycelf Jean)
Produced by A Kid Called Roots, Canibus, and Jerry Wonder
12.) Buckingham Palace
Produced by Canibus, Jerry Wonder, and Wyclef Jean
13.) Rip Rock
Produced by Canibus, Jerry Wonder, and Wyclef Jean

2000 B.C.
Released: July 18, 2000 on Universal Records

1.) C-Quel
Produced by Heatmakerz and Pillo Jamel
2.) 2000 B.C. (Before Can-I-Bus)
Produced by Lace and Ty Fyffe
3.) Life Liquid (featuring Journalist)
Produced by Juju
4.) Shock Therapy
Produced by n/a
5.) Watch Who U Beef Wit
Produced by Chaos
6.) I'll Buss Em U Punish Em (featuring Rakim)
Produced by Clue and Duro
7.) Mic-Nificent
Produced by Daniel 'Danny P' Pierre
8.) Die Slow (featuring Journalist)
Produced by Ty Fyffe
9.) Doomsday News (featuring Panama P.I.)
Produced by Chaos
10.) Lost @ "C"
Produced by Irv Gotti and Mr. Fingaz
11.) Phuk U
Produced by Punch
12.) Horsemen (featuring Pharoahe Monche)
Produced by n/a
13.) Horesementality (featuring Killah Priest, Kurupt, and Ras Kass)
Produced by Chaos
14.) 100 Bars
Produced by Punch
15.) Chaos
Produced by Chaos

"C" True Hollywood Stories
Released: October 30, 2001 on Archives Records

1.) Introduction
Produced by K. Karlsson
2.) Stan Lives!
Produced by Stan
3.) U Didn't Care
Produced by Nir Even
4.) Rip Off
Produced by Chips and Slice O Life
5.) "C" True Hollywood Stories
Produced by Nir Even
6.) Different Vibes In L.A.
Produced by Archives
7.) I Got A Story To Tell
Produced by Even
8.) Stan 'N Can
Produced by Stanibus
9.) Hate U 2 (featuring Pakman)
Produced by Pakman
10.) Stop Smokin' (featuring C-4)
Produced by Chips and Slice O Life
11.) Lemme Hear Sumthin' Else (featuring Killer P and Pakman)
Produced by Nir Even
12.) Hott Tonight
Produced by All City and Alywad
13.) Gotta Get That Doe! (featuring Pakman)
Produced by All City and Alywad
14.) R U Lyrically Fit? (featuring Lou)
Produced by Nir Even
15.) Ya Teef Iz Yellow
Produced by Pakman and RTJ
16.) Luv U 2 (featuring Pakman)
Produced by Fokis
17.) Box Cutta
Produced by Eben
18.) Draft Me! (featuring C-4)
Produced by Louis Lombard
19.) One of My Favorites
Produced by Archives
20.) "C" True Hollywood Stories (Outro)
Produced by All City and Diverse
21.) Untitled
Produced by Archives


Mic Club: The Curriculum
Released: November 19, 2002 on Mic Club Records

1.) Mic Club (Intro)
Produced by PlusScience
2.) Poet Laureate
Produced by DJ Kemo
3.) Master Thesis
Produced by Kyros
4.) Behind Enemy Rhymes
Produced by PlusScience
5.) Allied Meta-Forces (featuring Kool G Rap)
Produced by DJ Serious
6.) Cenoir Studies 02
Produced by Kyros
7.) C Section
Produced by PlusScience
8.) Drama A (featuring Luminatti)
Produced by Kyros
9.) Dr. C PHD
Produced by Kyros
10.) Bis vs. Rip (featuring Rip The Jacker)
Produced by PlusScience
11.) Liberal Arts (featuring Jedi Mind Tricks)
Produced by Stoupe The Enemy of Mankind
12.) Curriculum 101
Produced by Kyros
13.) Mic Club (Outro)
Produced by Kyros and PlusScience

Executive Producers: Canibus, Germaine Williams aka Luminati, and Louie Lombard III


The Four Horsemen (Canibus, Killah Priest, Kurupt, and Rass Kass)
Released: Underground Release

1.) The Horsemen
2.) Shaky Love
3.) Leather Steeds
4.) Fourth Windz Blow
5.) The 4 Horsemen of The Apocalypse
6.) Revelationz
7.) The Fourth Seal
8.) Cavalier
9.) Scrolls

Mind Control
Released: June 21, 2005 on Tommy Boy Records

1.) 33 3's
Produced by Mark Sparks
2.) Canibus Man
Produced by Mark Sparks
3.) Atlanta
Produced by Mark Sparks
4.) Gybaotic
Produced by Mark Sparks
5.) In The Rain
Produced by Mark Sparks
6.) Mind Control
Produced by Mark Sparks
7.) Last Laugh
Produced by Mark Sparks
8.) Not 4 Play (featuring Kurupt)
Produced by Mark Sparks
9.) Stupid Producers
Produced by Mark Sparks
10.) Talk The Talk
Produced by Mark Sparks
11.) Nobody
Produced by Mark Sparks

Executive Producers: Chuck Wilson and Louis Lombard III

Mic Club Mixtape Master Volume 1
Released: November 22, 2005 on SwitchBlade Records

1.) Intro
2.) Shogun (featuring Shaq Diesel)
3.) Vitruvian CanMan
4.) Kill The Conjecture
5.) Say It Ain't So
6.) U Don't Cee
7.) Collecting Taxes
8.) Get Off YaKneez
9.) Baggin' Up Da Pundz (featuring Young Zee)
10.) Yeng Meng
11.) Horsemen Talk (featuring Killah Priest, Kurupt, and Ras Kass)
12.) Da Paycut
13.) Give It More
14.) The Mic Disease
15.) Allied Metaforces (featuring Kool G Rap)
16.) Mic Club Mascot
17.) Gone In 60 Seconds
18.) Box Cutta' Bladerunna'
19.) Undersand Me (Interlude)
20.) Tha Dungeon (featuring Kurupt)
21.) RIP Is Alive
22.) Bis vs. Rap (Original Version)
23.) Interlude
24.) Blakmilc Want Freedom (featuring Blakmilc)
25.) Live Dublin Freestyle
26.) Acapella

Hip Hop For Sale
Released: November 22, 2005 on Babygrande Records

1.) It's No Other Than
2.) Back Wit' Heat
3.) Benny Riley
4.) Show 'Em How
5.) Dear Academy
6.) I Gotcha' (featuring DMP)
7.) So Into You (featuring Juli Ecaro)
8.) Da' Facelift
9.) Hip-Hop Body Rock
10.) Take 'Dat (featuring Ike Infa Diamond and Star Awon)
11.) Punch Lines (featuring Hamza)

Cloak N Dagga (Def Con Zero) (w/Phoenix Orion)
Released: November 22, 2005 on Head Trauma Records

1.) Intro (Black Kobra)
2.) Def Con Zero
3.) Majestic MIC Masters
4.) Close To Me (featuring Free and Tyrant)
5.) Letters From Head Trauma (featuring Kool G. Rap and K Solo)
6.) Gold Trigga (featuring Crystal Celeste Grant)
7.) Gruntin' (Interlude)
8.) Don't Hurt Nobody
9.) Titants
10.) Never Run (featuring Zoo Keepa)
11.) Cloakman
12.) Y'all Can't Ball
13.) Commandos
14.) H.T.R.
15.) Livin' (featuring Chalie MackManSupreme)
16.) Rhythmatic Jiu Jitsu
17.) Universal Soldiers (featuring Halo Infinity and Power Move)
18.) Sit Yo Ho Ass Down (featuring K Solo, Mezzo Soprano, and Michelle Regnier)
19.) Venemous Spit (B.J. Anthem)