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<s><s><s><s><s><s>Rap Discography: Roscoe

<s><s><s><s><s><s>Record Label: Priority Records (Artist)

<s><s><s><s><s><s>From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Los Angeles, California



When The Pain Inflict (Bootleg)
Released: October 14, 2001

1.) Oh Boy (featuring Don Cisco and Kurupt)
2.) Ain't Nuthin' To It But To Do It (featuring Bad Azz)
3.) Young Thugs
4.) I Love Cali In The Summertime
5.) It's Jimmy (featuring Kurupt)
6.) When The Pain Inflict (featuring DJ Muggs, Kurupt, and Snoop Dogg)
7.) Training Day
8.) She's Paid (featuring AMG and Dru Down)
9.) Flawless (featuring Flawless, Gonzoe, and Kurupt)
10.) Yesterday (featuring Nate Dogg)
11.) I Call Shotz Remix (featuring Kurupt)
12.) Bitches (featuring Butch Cassidy and Kurupt)
13.) Who Ride Wit Us Remix (featuring Bad Azz, D.P.G., and Jayo Felony)
14.) Woopty Woop
15.) If U Ain't Ballin' U Stallin' (featuring Mr. Shadow)
16.) Wild Wild West (featuring Dogg Pound and Jayo Felony)
17.) Girls All Pause (featuring Kurupt and Nate Dogg)
18.) I Love Cali In The Summertime Remix


Training Day / No. 1 CD Single (w/Nelly)
Released: January 14, 2002 on EMD Records

1.) No. 1 Radio - Nelly
2.) No. 1 Album - Nelly
3.) No. 1 Instrumental
4.) Training Day Radio
5.) Training Day


Get Ready CD Single (w/Mr. Kane)
Released: June 27, 2002 on Priority Records

1.) Get Ready Radio (featuring Mr. Kane)
2.) Get Ready Instrumental
3.) Get Ready Album (featuring Mr. Kane)
4.) I Call Shotz II Radio (featuring Kurupt)
5.) I Call Shotz II Instrumental
6.) I Call Shotz II Album (featuring Kurupt)


Young Roscoe Philaphornia
Released: August 12, 2002

1.) 5 Seconds
2.) Head To Toe
3.) I Call Shotz II (featuring Kurupt)
4.) Intro Part 1
5.) It's That Time Again
6.) Get Ready (featuring Mr. Kane)
7.) Slick Youth
8.) Psycho
9.) Everyday
10.) Shakedown
11.) GFide
12.) Young Roscoe
13.) What I Look Like
14.) Last Night
15.) Killers
16.) Dippin' In Tha 4 (featuring Young Assassins)
17.) Gun (Skit)
18.) Bless The Child
19.) I'm Scoe