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<s><s><s><s><s><s>Rap Discography: Soopafly

<s><s><s><s><s><s>Record Label: Doggystyle Records (Artist)

<s><s><s><s><s><s>From: Long Beach, California



Put The Monkey In It CD Single (with Daz Dillingery)
Released: August 26, 1997 on Tommy Boy Records

1.) Put The Monkey In It (Clean)
2.) What's Going On (Clean)


Dogg Pound Product
Released: Internet release/ ---- January 8, 2001

1.) Freak Freak
2.) No Speak (featuring Daz Dillinger and Xzibit)
3.) Phone Conversation
4.) Poor Man's Cry (featuring Barrington Levy, Crooked I, and Snoop Dogg)
5.) Like It Or Not
6.) Pussy Whipped (featuring Daz Dillinger and Mac-Shawn)
7.) Put The Monkey In It (featuring Daz Dillinger)
8.) Outro


Dat Whoopty Whoop
Released: August 14, 2001 on DPG Recordz

1.) Y'all Niggaz Betta Recognize
2.) This Type of Flow
3.) Hell Ya (featuring Daz Dillinger and Tray Deee)
4.) Can I Git Bucc (featuring Crooked I and Daz Dillinger)
5.) Way 2 Often (featuring Kurupt)
6.) Everyday (featuring Bad Azz, Lil C-Style, and Tray Deee)
7.) There WIll Never Be Anotha (featuring Daz Dillinger, Gonzoe, and Richie Rich)
8.) Bacc 2 L.A. (featuring Daz Dillinger and Xzibit)
9.) Like It Or Not
10.) Dat Whoopty Whoop (featuring Snoop Dogg)
11.) Pimp City (featuring Daz Dillinger)
12.) Phone Conversation
13.) Playin' Games
14.) Why You Wanna Act This Way
15.) Freak Freak
16.) Baby Boy (featuring Jewell)

Tha Pound (Bootleg, w/Soopafly)
Released: Mid-2005

1.) I'll Beatcho Azz
2.) Start Pimpin'
3.) Pussy Whipped (featuring Mac-Shawn)
4.) Can I Git Bucc (featuring Crooked I)
5.) Raised On The Side (featuring E-White, Mr. Kane, and Snoop Dogg)
6.) Step Ya Game Up
7.) There Will Never Be Anotha (featuring Gonzoe and Richie Rich)
8.) Don't Stop
9.) You Might Get Geed (featuring E-40 and Too Short)
10.) Deez Niggaz Trippin'
11.) Bacc 2 L.A. (featuring Xzibit)
12.) Your Girlfriend 2 (featuring Mac-Shawn)
13.) Can't Stop That Gangsta Shit (featuring Big Yoni)
14.) Pimp City
15.) Fresh Remix (featuring Slip Capone)
16.) Hell Ya (featuring Kurupt)