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<s><s><s><s><s><s>Rap Discography: T-Nutty

<s><s><s><s><s><s>Record Label: Black Armor Records

<s><s><s><s><s><s>Former Record Label(s): Sacramento, California


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The Last of The Flowheecans
Released: May 13, 2003 on Murder Creek Music

1.) The First Blow
2.) Flowheecanz (featuring Bop)
3.) Nutty Nite
4.) Strugglin' (featuring Hollow Tip)
5.) Do It Heavy (featuring Snoop Dogg and Young Bop)
6.) Swang Tha Azz
7.) No Love
8.) My Babies
9.) My Shoes
10.) Strapped Down
11.) Sneaky (featuring Keak Da Sneak)
12.) Make It Happen (featuring I-Rocc and Messy Marv)
13.) Fuck You Niggaz (featuring AP9)
14.) Battle Rap
15.) Deadly Games
16.) Break It Off (featuring Beezy)
17.) Young Nutt Factor
18.) Chicken Wit Feathers (featuring Young Bop)
19.) Don't Floss

Flowmaster Mouth
Released: March 9, 2004 on Black Armor Records

1.) Simple Statement
2.) Flowmastermouth
3.) Cali Boys (featuring Bad Business and Big Hollis)
4.) Ain't That About A Bitch
5.) After Tonite (featuring Bop, Mississippi, and Tanguray)
6.) Mic Check (featuring Bleezot, Bop, Hurrivane Insane, and Sac Sicc)
7.) Factors Up
8.) High Times
9.) Tip Toe (featuring Marvaless)
10.) Nigga Wit Game (featuring Rossi)
11.) Black Armor (featuring Jacka)
12.) West Walking
13.) When The Chop Starts (featuring Sav Sicc)
14.) Today's A Gift
15.) Sac Kingz
16.) Controversy (featuring Fat Tone)
17.) Nutt Factorz

T-Nutty and Nolove Present Lyrical Octane
Released: March 28, 2005 on CWAY Records

1.) Intro
2.) Excuse Me - Ant Locc, Pain, and Young Bleezo
3.) 2 Gether - Bop, Savsiccness, and Young Bleezo
4.) Invasion - Big Nolove, G-Macc, and Keylocc
5.) Off The Edges - Lexo, Savsiccness, and T-Nutty
6.) On Tha Roof - Big Nolove and G-Macc
7.) Dump-N-Reload - Savsiccness and Skari
8.) 7 Doors - Brave Allien and Gushmore
9.) G.A.N.G. - Savsiccness, Skari, and Young Bleezo
10.) Testimony - Big Nolove and Keylocc
11.) The Savageness - Young Bleezo
12.) Rhyme I Wrote - Savsiccness and Young Bleezo
13.) Spree - Ant Loc, Skaristum, and Young Bleezo
14.) Nolovealude - Big Nolove
15.) Part 2 - Ant Loc and Big Nolove
16.) Regardless - Big Nolove, T-Nutty, and X-Raided
17.) Outro - Savsiccness and Young Bleezo

The Nutt Factor
Released: July 26, 2005 on Black Armor Records / Nutt Factor Muzic

1.) On My Mind (featuring Fury and Young Bop)
2.) I Need My Bread
3.) Let Em Have It (featuring Lil Face and Marvaless)
4.) She Let Me Hittem
5.) One By One (featuring Indo, Lady Taz, Lil Face, Lil T-Nutty 2, Ron Dre, and Skari)
6.) Savin' Out (featuring Hannabul and Lady Menace)
7.) City of Colors (featuring Lil Face)
8.) Rap Attack (featuring Sav Sicc and Young Bleezo)
9.) Original (featuring Key Loc, Marvaless, No Love, and Tangaray)
10.) The Break Down (featuring A-Train, C4, Mafia, and Young Bop)
11.) You Don't Know Me (featuring Young Bop)
12.) Big Homie (featuring AC and No Love)
13.) Scrape Sumthin' (featuring Chuck Beez, GP, and Young Sav)
14.) I Can't Hold Back (featuring Sav Sicc)
15.) What They Don't See (featuring Sav Sicc, Young Bleezo, and Young Bop)
16.) For My Niggaz (featuring Key Loc)