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<s><s><s><s><s><s>Rap Discography: Yukmouth

<s><s><s><s><s><s>Record Label: Rap-A-Lot Records (Artist)

<s><s><s><s><s><s>From: Oakland, California



Thugged Out: The Albulation (2 CDs)
Released: February 23, 1999 on Virgin Records

CD 1

1.) Godzilla
2.) Do Yo Thug Thang (featuring The Outlawz)
3.) City of Dope
4.) Thugged Out (featuring The Regime)
5.) Ridaz (featuring DMG and G Money)
6.) Stallion (featuring MC Ren and Tech N9ne)
7.) Father Like Son
8.) Hater
9.) U Love 2 Hate
10.) Ice Cream Man (featuring 5th Ward Boys and Fa Sho)
11.) In My Blood Part II (featuring DMG)
12.) Still Ballin' (featuring The Outlawz)
13.) Revelations
14.) Rolex Rulez

CD 2

1.) Sad Millionaire (featuring Fa Sho and Phatz Bossi)
2.) The Ballers Feud (featuring Numskull)
3.) Pop Da Collar (featuring Fa Sho)
4.) My Buddy (featuring Numskull and Tha Dogg Pound)
5.) Extortion (featuring Phatz Bossi)
6.) Menage A Trois (featuring Tela)
7.) Falling (featuring Do or Die)
8.) Mackin' vs. Pimpin'
9.) Gangsta Bitch (featuring Fa Sho)
10.) RAL Mafia (featuring Rap-A-Lot Mafia)
11.) Sacrifice My Life (featuring Kuirshan)
12.) Baller Mode
13.) Bumbell (featuring Tech N9ne)
14.) Secret Indictment

Thug Lord: The New Testament
Released: April 3, 2001 on Virgin Records

1.) Old Testament (Intro)
2.) Thug Lord
3.) Oh Boy
4.) Regime Life (featuring Lil Mo and The Regime)
5.) Clap Yo Hands
6.) High Maintenance (featuring Lil Mo)
7.) Puffin' La
8.) We Gone Ride (featuring The Outlawz)
9.) Thug Money (featuring Kool G Rap)
10.) Do It Right (featuring C-Bo and Phatz Bossi)
11.) Worlds Most Hated
12.) So Ignorant (featuring Kokane, Kurupt, and Nate Dogg)
13.) Ooh Ooh
14.) Regime Killaz 2001 (featuring The Regime)
15.) Smile (featuring C-Bo and CJ Mac)
16.) The New Testament (featuring Kokane)

Block Shit (w/Tha Gamblaz)
Released: November 13, 2001 on Get Low Records

1.) World Domination
2.) Block Shit (featuring Dru Down, Mac Mall, and Phatz Bossi)
3.) Never Let Em See You Sweat
4.) Callin' Shots
5.) Fuck The Ice (featuring JT The Bigga Figga)
6.) Buckle Up (featuring Dru Down and Phatz Bossi)
7.) Tryin' 2 Survive (featuring La Joi)
8.) Jim Hats (featuring Keak Da Sneak and Numskull)
9.) Bout 2 Bubble (featuring Dirty Red)
10.) Playaz Do What They Want (featuring Roger Troutman, Spice 1, and Too Short)
11.) Thug Niggaz (featuring AM Pacino)
12.) Another Episode (featuring C-Bo, JT The Bigga Figga, and The Outlawz)


United Ghettos of America
Released: October 22, 2002 on Rap-A-Lot Records

1.) La Costra Nostra (featuring Daisey)
2.) Dem Can't Win (featuring Gangsta Girl and Tah Tah)
3.) Welcome 2 Da Bay (featuring Mac Dre, Messy Marv, and Numskull)
4.) I'm So Cool (featuring Dru Down, Lil Jon, and Richie Rich)
5.) Top Thug
6.) Da Lot (featuring Monsta Ganjah and Nyce)
7.) Desperado (featuring Young Noble)
8.) No Way (featuring Deirdre Selene and Numskull)
9.) N Thugz We Trust (featuring Brotha Lynch and Keak Da Sneak)
10.) Fuck Friends (featuring Mac Minister)
11.) Gunz and Roses (featuring Bart, Mac Dre, and Ridah)
12.) Neva (featuring Big Bear and Dru Down)
13.) Datz Gangsta (featuring Monsta Ganjah and Nyce)
14.) Money, Murda, Sex (featuring Jazze Pha and Phats Bossi)
15.) Dragon Style (featuring Daisy and Louie Loc)
16.) So Quik, So Easy (featuring Deirdre Selene and Numskull)
17.) We Gettin' It (featuring D-Don)
18.) United Ghettos of America (featuring Big Hutch, C-Bo, Mad Lion, MC Eiht, and The Outlawz)


Released: August 5, 2003 on Smoke-A-Lot Records

1.) Godzilla
2.) Money and Power
3.) Nothin' 2 A Bo$$ (featuring Benjilino)
4.) Regime Mobstaz (featuring The Regime)
5.) Stuntastic
6.) Pimp Da Bitch (featuring B-Legit and Dru Down)
7.) Do My Thang (featuring Kurupt, Roscoe, and Val Young)
8.) Kidnap U (featuring Nyce and Who'z Who)
9.) Somebody Gone Die 2nite (featuring Benjilino, Hussein Fatal, Tech N9ne, and Tha Realest)
10.) Ya Boy (featuring Ampichino and Devin)
11.) I Want Ya Body (featuring Aaron Hall)
12.) Thug Lordz (featuring The Thug Lordz)
13.) Be Easy (featuring Gangsta Girl and Ray J)
14.) What It Do (featuring Bun B and E-Roc)
15.) Go Hard (featuring Ampichino and The Fleet)
16.) Do It B.I.
17.) Model Chickz
18.) Hard Tymez (featuring Tanya Herron, Trae, and Z-Ro)

In Thugz We Trust (w/Yukmouth)
Released: August 10, 2004 on Rap-A-Lot Records

1.) Go Hard In The Paint (featuring Killa Tay)
2.) 44 Mag Glocc (featuring Killa Tay)
3.) She's A Hoe
4.) He Ain't A Thug (featuring Bang'em Smurf and Silverback Guerillas)
5.) American Dream (Yukmouth Solo)
6.) Get Away
7.) Killa Cali (featuring Spice 1)
8.) Bulletproof Love (featuring Eastwood)
9.) Get Ya Money (Be A Thug Lord)
10.) Made Men (featuring Killa Tay)
11.) My Life (C-Bo Solo)
12.) Let's Flip Her
13.) 21 Gun Salute

United Ghettos of America Volume 2
Released: August 24, 2004 on Rap-A-Lot Records / Smoke-A-Lot Records

1.) Intro (featuring J-Flo)
2.) Kill'em Off (featuring Gonzoe, Kris Kaliko, and Tech N9ne)
3.) Kalifornia G'z (featuring Crooked I and E-40)
4.) We Just Wanna Thug (featuring Dizzle Don and Noreaga)
5.) I Love Dro (featuring Bun B and Nate)
6.) Don't Be Scared (featuring Silverback Guerillas)
7.) Spin & Chop (featuring Dru Down, Kieu, and Nate Da Nut)
8.) What's Beef (featuring I-Rocc, Luni Coleone, and Monsta Ganjah)
9.) American Me (featuring C-Bo, Chino Nino, and Young Noble)
10.) Suga Daddy (featuring Ms. Toi and Nyce)
11.) The Side show (featuring C-Bo, Nate, and Richie Rich)
12.) Top Shotta (featuring Brando and Gangsta Girl)
13.) Skit (featuring D)
14.) Regime Mob (featuring Amp-Pachino, Chino Nino, and Nate Da Nut)
15.) Stunt 211 (featuring Domination and Nate Da Nut)
16.) On The Block (featuring Benjilino, Jacka, and Lil Cyco)
17.) Wet Dreamz
18.) Heat (featuring Monsta Ganjah and Planet Asia)
19.) Get Stupid, Go Dumb (featuring Mac Dre and Sauce)
20.) United Ghettos of America Part 2 (featuring 151, C-Bo, Dru Down, and Tha Realest)

In Thugs We Trust: Tha Mix Tape (w/Yukmouth)
Released: September 30, 2005 on Distribution

1.) Intro (Live From The County)
2.) Gettn' Money Money Now (featuring I-Rocc)
3.) Cricet Speaks (featuring Cricet)
4.) Should of Let Em Know (featuring Cricet and Damu)
5.) That's Gangsta
6.) Freestyle
7.) Leave The Ridin' To Us (featuring Spice 1)
8.) Catch A Round (Yukmouth Solo)
9.) Keep It Moving (featuring Killa Tay and Mr. Red Dogg)
10.) Times Up
11.) Mitchy Slick Speaks (featuring Mitchy Slick)
12.) I Done Told You Niggaz (featuring Mitchy Slick)
13.) Celly Cel Speaks (featuring Celly Cel)
14.) Patiently Waiting (50 Cent Diss)
15.) Salute
16.) Lil Cyco Speaks (featuring Lil Cyco)
17.) I Know She Want It (C-Bo Solo)
18.) Broke (featuring Smigg Dirtee)
19.) Damu Speaks (featuring Damu)
20.) All The Ridahz Came (C-Bo Solo)
21.) Outro (Live From The County)